The TechnoHUNT system comes from the USA and has been on the market for almost 10 years. According to the TechnoHunt website, there are over 60 users in the US that offer public access to the simulator. The system seems well-tested with a solid user base and offers to our knowledge over 600 clips of 4D animals and a smaller number of digital games.

The TechnoHUNT system takes a very “Amerikan approach” and has a sole focus on bowhunting. So far it seems to have failed to establish itself in Europe. To our knowledge, there is only one TechnoHUNT system in Europe (Germany).

The fact that TechnoHUNT could not yet prevail in Europe may also be due to the hefty price tag for the technology. To our knowledge, a full installation (in Europe) will cost roughly 50 000 USD. In the US, the company also offers leasing options. However, we are not sure if this is also offered to European customers.

You can test TechnoHUNT in Germany at




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