Archery Cinema by Beier Distribution Former exclusively offered by the company Beier Distribution (Germany) the system is now also available at https

Archery Cinema by Beier Distribution

Former exclusively offered by the company Beier Distribution (Germany) the system is now also available at While it claims that the product is a perfect solution for almost every customer, there is no mentioning about the features and what the setup actually contains. The lack of information has caused some confusion amongst our customer that tried to compare the two product and find the more suitable solution for their business. This article may help understanding some of the product features and its value proposition.

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Two people shooting at the bow cinema by Beier Distribution

A display at the Paderbow show.

My personal take on the technology

I have talked with several people that have purchased or tested the solution. At the time of writing this article it seems that the below is an accurate description of the product. However there may be other features, new updates or improvements that I am not aware of or that have recently been added.  I hope this article helps to clarify some of the questions around the product but should not replace your own research. To better understand the technology it is important to talk to the company directly and gather first hand information.

Hard & software

To our knowledge the hardware and software package consists of a USB-Stick. Connecting the USB stick to a projector will allow to play the 20 videos that come pre-loaded. There is no additional hardware such as sensors available. The sound will play through the internal speaker of the projector. The system does not actually offer to train on moving targets. Instead videos with moving targets are cut in a way that the motion stops at certain times. Then a red target-zone will appear tempting the archer to shoot.

As the videos always stop at the same time it is always the exact same non-moving screen the archer is shooting at. After a moment the video keeps playing. At the end of the video the target areas are shown again for evaluation. The displayed videos do not respond to any action of the archer nor is there a way to interfere with the set routine. Options such as building custom playlists, adding player names, or optimizing the experience to your liking do not exist.

Due to the fact that the archers always shoots at the same screen it is likely that the targets wear out considerably fast in comparison to systems that are equipped with sensor technology and offer training on moving targets. Here arrows are distributed evenly, resulting in an incredible lifespan of the 4D targets.

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Little is known about the availability of additional content/videos. Over time different offers and packages have been advertised but with little reference to what they contain or what user group the content is designed for. We advise to find out more details on the content available.


It seems the company has been using varying methods of shipping content updates to their customers, but the Website does not explicitly mention how this is currently solved. If or how often software updates are available also remains unclear to the website visitor at the time of writing this article.


Just like any other system there is no good or bad found here. However the research does highlight the need for the customers to engage in thorough research about this product prior to making a purchasing decision as very little information is made available online. This way you ensure to find the technology that best meets your personal preferences and expectations. The product certainly remains one of the cheapest options around.

Talking to users

Prior to any purchase decision we highly recommend to chat to customers that are already using the product of interest. Most companies would be happy to share their references. To assist with your research, I have written a free white paper with the 7 most important questions to ask when purchasing a bow-simulator.

Please share your thoughts about this article and help us to improve where it may be inaccurate.


Paper written note about a new offer.

Announcing the new technology.

The bow cinema of Beier Distribution was presented for the first time on 18.11.2017 at the Paderbow trade show, (€2980). In the meantime, the price on the website has dropped by more than half.

The company Beier Distribution has its focus around traditional hand made bows. On its website the company presents itself as followed:

„Our label BY BEIER GERMANY is known by archers in many parts of the world – with tendency to rise. Certainly, you have already been wondering, where these products come from and what the brand is all about. BY BEIER GERMANY is a registered trademark of the company Beier Distribution, located in Seßlach.“ Read more on the companies website.



Beier Distribution GmbH
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Phone: +49 9569 1889 14-0
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