Form walls for archery simulators are the cheapest archery targets you can buy – Here is why

4D Targets are foam walls that work as a screen for archery training simulators or so-called archery cinemas. Amongst the currently available 4D training simulators only TechnoHUNT uses a different approach for their screen where the arrow bounces off the screen. This is achieved by using a special flat tip that stops the arrow from penetrating the screen layer. The TechnoHUNT target can only be ordered with the manufacturer and comes in a 4×3 side ratio.

The German BowSim 4D Simulator and the ArcheryCinema by Beier Distribution both use a 4D foam target where arrows penetrate the target and no modifications are necessary to the bow nor the arrow. Theses 4D targets come in all sizes and can be self-made or ordered ready for assembly.

As 4D targets are simply foam walls many users built their own or get custom solutions built locally. Both are valid options and tips and tricks for building such targets are available with the companies selling archery training simulators.

To our knowledge, professional custom-made solutions are currently only available through BowSim 4D, Elite Target (Munich/Germany) and Beier Distribution. The BowSim4D solution is works on a 16×10 screen/side ratio. The most common sizes are 4×2.5 meter and 3×2 meter. The solution of Beier-Distribution comes with a smaller target with a 4×3 ratio.

Generally, there is no limit on how big or small a 4D target should be. It is important that it matches the image ratio of the projector that is used and maximizes the use of the facility you have available. The larger the screen the better the experience. Take into account that a larger screen requires a stronger projector. It needs to provide sufficient light to illuminate the entire target under the conditions your venue provides.

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