Prices for 4D Targets

While 4D targets appear expensive at the first glance they are actually extremely economical. In fact, they behave opposite to traditional targets or 3D targets where the kill or the center wears out quickly. 4D targets last for years or even decades without needing repair or replacement.

This is due to the fact that arrows are never aimed at the same spot so damage from arrow penetration actually evenly distributes across the huge surface of 6 to 10 m2.

This creates huge savings compared to any traditional target system. While 4D targets offer an endless set of different moving and still targets they outlast traditional targets by a factor of several hundred. We estimate that even most self-made 4D targets of (3×2 meters in size) will withstand around 100 000 arrows. This means that if you shoot around 1000 arrows every month your 4D target is still likely to last around 10 years without needing repairs. Compare this to any other target in archery and you immediately see the huge savings that 4D targets offer in comparison to traditional archery and 3d targets.

A 4D Target will be the most cost-effective target you have ever owned!

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