Video: Dimensions explained in physics

The roots of the term 4D in archery

Anywhere in archery targets are fixed. Once aligned with the target it is up to the archer when to release. It does not matter if another breath or two are taken. According to our tests, the target was still there even after deciding not to release the arrow and go for a quick coffee before commencing the training.

That in itself seems highly unusual. Archery stems from hunting and the battlefield. In none of those situations, the target would wait for the archer too feel comfortable. So why the hell are we training with non-moving targets? Of course… because there was just not another option until now. Only since the availability of affordable 4D archery cinemas the technology is becoming available for the mainstream. Finally, we can bring archery back to the roots.

So we all know 3D animals/targets. Those bulky foam animals. What is wrong with them? Nothing of course. They actually offer some great recreational outdoor training opportunities. However, they move as little as the pumpkin in your garden.

With 4D animals/archery, you return the most crucial and missing dimension back to the sport… THE TIME.

The 4D animal will not wait and you and you will not get a chance for a second breath. You might have to release half way through. Maybe the dragon, fireball or deer will already be gone by the time you are ready. With TIME, 4D returns the crucial and missing dimension to archery.

In addition, the angle of the target changes (like the doughnut in the video above), obstacles might get in the way, and you will hear birds and other noises from the native environment of the targets!

…even with Dinosaurs…. we found some really old tapes…

4D has returned the missing dimension to archery. This will create opportunities for the sport that most archers can’t even dream off at this point.

If this is not enough for you watch the video above for a cool and more scientific explanation of dimensions in physics.

Welcome to 4D archery!