If a projector is already part of a packaged set be critical. It is your responsibility to make sure the projector will suit your needs prior to the purchase. If you purchase one yourself great savings can be made by finding a good deal for a suitable product.

So what is the best option and what do you have to consider when purchasing a projector yourself? At first, you will probably be surprised how cheap quality projectors have become. Next, if you are like me, you will probably get really confused about the vast selection and types on offer. To make things even more complicated you will find that manufacturers release a new version almost quarterly, so the one recommended to you might not even be available anymore.

So where to start?


First, make sure to know the resolution of the simulator you are using. You can find a table with resolutions of the most common archery simulators in this article. Resolutions are usually described in pixel (e.g. 3840 x 2160) or with a name such as 4K, Full HD, HD, WXGA or XGA. Actual 3D projectors, where the users wear 3D goggles are normally not recommended.


Generally, there are 3 different types. Normal home use projectors, short throw projectors, and ultra-short throw projectors. All of those are used in 4D archery but each has their own advantages and disadvantages depending on how you are planning on using it.

Powered by

Most projectors are powered by LED, bulb or even laser. To our knowledge, all types are suitable for archery cinemas.  So find one that fits your budget and ticks all the other boxes.

Useful features

Modern Quality products are equipped with a so-called keystone correction and autofocus feature. On a press of a button the image squares and sharpens up even if the projector is not set up at a right angle to the target. While not that relevant for a permanent roof installation these features are gold where a unit gets moved around more.

Where to buy?

It does not matter. It might be Amazon, another online store or the helpful dealer in town. Great deals are around everywhere and you might even be able to find great value in a second-hand solution.


Suitable projectors are available for between 200 and 900 Euros. Customers that are prepared to spend more than 600 find the right deal will be using a top of the line product. Image quality is crucial for the archery experience.

The most expensive projector will always be the one, that does not satisfy your requirements. So do not save here. 4D archery will be around for a long time. No matter what type of simulator you use. A bright, crisp and clear image makes all the difference.

Even if you purchase a pre-selected kit. It is your responsibility to make sure that the projector meets your needs. Ask the supplier of your archery simulator all those important questions and select the best option your budget allows for.

You can save a heap of money here. However, settling with a “cheapy” might let your 4D experience feel more like the letters you discover in the bottom of the fridge from before the holidays.

If we have forgotten anything of importance in this article or you want to comment, learn or share some knowledge be invited to contribute below or visit our forum.


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