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Fast shooting workshop

Learn how to shoot 10 arrows in 30 seconds with archery legend Armin Hirmer of Malta Archery


Did you always want to shoot faster and more accurate than anyone you know? Let’s do it! The Fast Shooting Workshop has been designed with exactly this in mind.

Learn all the techniques and principles you need. Different shooting styles (western, eastern), different ways of holding and storing arrows, body posture, structure, blind nocking and proper breathing.

Request details to book your online courses and one on one coaching experience here.

With plenty of 1 on 1 time, you will learn and practice techniques, personalized for your shooting style. This course was designed to deliver fast progress for passionate archers.

During the last hour, you will get the opportunity to practice your new skills on moving targets on the world’s largest 4D Target.


Bring your own or use some of the equipment provided.


If you book your one on one coaching at the archery center of Bogenlust in Cologne/Germany, you will experience the world’s largest 4D archery target (by BowSim 4D). Fire arrows at fixed or moving targets on the 12×2.5 meter foam wall.


Request the dates directly with Armin now. Please hurry as Armin will only coach 6 to 10 archers at the time.

Duration of the coaching

5 hours (drinks and snacks included)

Book Speed-Archery lesson

More about the training simulator BowSim 4D: