Archery fanatics can now test their skills on a unique new training device in Cologne/Germany.

The most thrilling challenges are created when instinctive archers can train their skills at moving targets. Sadly, up to now, there are very few opportunities that offer this type of adventure. So it remains a dream for most archers to enter this domain.

The Indoor-Venue of Bogenlust in Cologne meets this growing demand by offering just that. One of their three 4D Archery Cinemas is also a world’s first. The screen size of 12 meters in length beats every other approach worldwide by a factor of three. Archers train and compete on projections of flying fireballs, rings, dragons, dinosaurs and other creatures that move seamlessly across the 12-meter target.

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In addition, the new indoor center offers athletes the opportunity to continue training during the European winter. Ideal for everyone that prefers to remain active instead of letting the equipment gather dust.

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The archery cinema in this trailer is less than half the size of the one that you can experience at Bogenlust in Cologne/Germany. 






More about the technology that is used at this venue: