What is the 4D World Cup and who is allowed to participate?

The first archery competition, where participants compete solely on moving targets. The 4D World Cup is for all instinctive archers shooting without sight or any sort of aiming aid. Participants from all over the world are welcome.

Where can I see photos and videos of the 4D World Cup?




Can I participate with a compound bow?

Yes, but only if it has no sights or aiming aid.

Where does the 4D World Cup take place?

The qualification and the finals currently take place in Cologne/Germany. Two additional official venues are currently under development. The Cologne business of Bogenlust currently hosts the largest 4D archery cinema in the world. It allows you shooting with your own bow and arrows at projected targets flying over the 12 x 2.5 meter target.

Learn about special 4D World Cup events? Request information here.

When can I participate in a qualification and how does it work?

Qualifications can be booked on appointment on the website of Bogenlust or you can choose to participate during an open day. Open days normally take place about 2 times a week at the facility of Bogenlust in Cologne. Just bring your bow and 10 arrows.

What does it cost to participate in the qualification for the 4D World Cup?

25 Euros per person. You shoot your 10 arrows at a maximum of 50 projected targets in the world’s largest bow cinema. It’s about accuracy and speed. Your score will be calculated using a special formula and entered in the overall rating. If you are not satisfied with your performance the first time around you are welcome to try again later.

Where can I train for the 4D World Cup?

More and more archery businesses and clubs are using 4D archery cinemas. Many of them already have the official training videos for the 4D World Cup available for you. At these venues, the so-called 4D targets (the projection surfaces), are much smaller than at the qualifications. Still, this type of training is the best you can do to improve your performance on moving targets. You can find a list of companies with 4D archery cinemas here: www.4dworldcup.com

View the official training video for the 4D World Cup here: https://youtu.be/HeUrVNgNxbM

Owners of 4D archery cinemas can download the official training videos on the website of the 4D World Cup.

Who will be invited to the final?

Training and qualifications take place all year round. If you end up being in the top 20 in your category, you will be invited to the final. Should your rating slip off during the season, or you are not satisfied with your result, you can try it several times until you are satisfied with your performance (up to 10 times a year).

When do the finals take place and can you be there as a spectator?

The first final will take place in February 2019 in Germany. The venue will be announced on the website of the 4D World Cup. Visitor tickets are available.

Where can I learn Speed Archery from the best?

Archery legend Armin Hirmer offers you courses directly here at the large archery cinema of Bogenlust in Cologne. The courses are limited to 10 participants each.

Online courses with Armin Hirmer

We will send you an overview of the upcoming dates and where there might be room for you.

Who makes the rules for the 4D World Cup?

The rules for the 4D World Cup are passed by the 4D World Cup Committee. As it is a new discipline and diversion in the sport and 4D archery cinema technology is rapidly improving, the rules are under constant reviews and adjustment.

If you have suggestions about the rules of the 4D World Cup, please contact a member of the 4D World Cup Committee http://www.4dworldcup.org/committee

Who can act as an official venue for the 4D World Cup?

Any partner of the 4D World Cup who owns a BowSim 4D MEGA system can serve as a venue and offer official qualifications. Qualification partners need to be able to offer a 4D target of at least 9 meters in width.

Who can act as a training venue for the 4D World Cup?

Almost any facility that operates a homemade or professional 4D archery cinema can provide training opportunities. Such venues can download the official training videos and scoring sheets for FREE at: www.4Dworldcup.org

Companies that run an original BowSim 4D archery cinema, always have the best and most up to date versions for a realistic training available for you. More about BowSim 4D products here: www.BowSim4D.com

Where can I view the rules of the 4D World Cup?

An up to date version of the ruled for the 4D World Cup can be found on the Committee’s web page http://www.4dworldcup.org/committee


Thank you for your interest! We look forward to seeing you at the Cup!

Harald Bettin — 4D World Cup