A new forum – Developing and exchanging ideas

A new forum – Developing and exchanging ideas

Developing and exchanging ideas – Valuable to archery simulator owners More and more indoor archery ranges are upgrading their offers with modern s

Developing and exchanging ideas – Valuable to archery simulator owners

More and more indoor archery ranges are upgrading their offers with modern simulator technology. Those operators and clubs can offer their customers an ever-growing number of training opportunities. The Bowsim Company has created a meeting point where owners come together to exchange experiences. This article covers how a new platform can help our customers to succeed even faster.

If you own a BowSim 4D bow cinema you can request access to the new support tool here. 

A boy holding a keyboard of a bow simulator with an arrow stuck in it.

Support is fast and efficient. Even for smaller queries such as this one! 🙂

Learning how to get your customers excited

In June 2019 we have introduced a new communication tool for our customers where owners can introduce themselves, meet and exchange their thoughts and best practices. It is a great place to find new ideas and ways to make your own business more successful and fun to operate. Getting your visitors excited every time is all that matters.

Starting on a strong foot

All beginning is hard! Clubs or independent BowSim 4D owners often enter new territory in their regions or cities and no operator is alike. Everyone is bringing their individual strengths and experience to the table. Even if the new offer or upgrade becomes an instant attraction, there are always opportunities to do better.  It is often the advice or inspiration from a person outside a business that can spark the best ideas. Thing get easier if you can engage and exchange with a community that understands and supports your efforts.

From the very beginning we have approached BowSim 4D as a service company. This becomes clear when reading some of the great reviews our customers have left (read references here). It’s not just about selling a high-quality product; it’s about helping owners to succeed faster. In 2018, we have started to regularly provided our clients with promotional material that they can use in their own businesses. Not every archer is a marketing expert after all. The feedback is great, and we optimize these updates regularly and keep learning about how to do this better.

Comprehensive service

With our new user forum on Facebook, we are now closing the circle for our customers. Feedback and support are almost instant. We are very excited about to see more and more BowSim 4D owners exchange and help each other. Maybe we’ll meet some of the readers of this article in our new user forum before long.

With the new user forum, the Bowsim Company has created a new support and exchange platform where owners of archery simulators can meet and mingle. BowSim 4D customers help each other and get access and instant feedback on their thoughts and suggestions. The new forum is another great step towards offering the next level of service to the growing customer base.